Manager of the Auberge du poids public

After various experiences in France and abroad, Céline decides to return to her roots, in the village of her childhood, in Saint Felix lauragais. His parents, former managers of the Auberge du Weight public for more than 30 years, gave him the keys to the establishment.

Since 2017, Céline has taken up the challenge of bringing the Auberge to life with dynamism and indulgence!

Through her curiosity and enthusiasm, Céline takes on the challenges every day of improving all of the Inn’s services. From the hotel, to the dining room, including the kitchen, Céline cooperates, federates and develops projects with each member of the Auberge!

Philippe Jeansing


Phillipe has been the Chef de Cuisine since 2015. He brings creativity and freshness to the culinary style of the house.

Today Phillipe leads a team of five cooks at the Auberge.

Passionate about gardening, Philippe is passionate about beautiful seasonal vegetables and sublimates them with talent.

A shopper at heart, Phillipe enjoys hunting for flea markets and garage sales.

Her favorite little hobby: discovering old cookbooks and expanding her recipes for future menus!

His testimony:
Take pleasure in meeting and meeting around a table, sharing the same bread, choosing a dish; a recipe behind which will be a craftsman, a farmer, a breeder, a market gardener … it is also to realize that our profession of cook allows us to bring together different professions, all punctuated by an intense passion. Cooking is the meeting of passionate people who will forge a solid experience, it is the work of qualitative products and as local as possible, with a personal and identifiable touch.

Since 2015, I have been the chef at the Auberge du Weight Public, my role is to be in the continuity of the inspiration of chef Claude Taffarello, and today alongside his daughter Céline Taffarello.

My job is to convey this message within my team, share my passion and my experience, and provoke emotion among our guests.

Cooking is a matter of taste, but the human message is all the more important.
Philippe Jeansing

Jean Pierre PIALOUX

Sommelier / Executive assistant

Jean Pierre Pialoux has been practicing his profession with enthusiasm and professionalism since 1990.

He has developed and passed on his know-how to Madame and Monsieur TAFFARELLO for 30 years!

Today, Jean Pierre leads a team of five people.

Passionate about wine for many years, Jean Pierre manages to find the bottle that suits you, while sublimating the cuisine for a careful food and wine pairing. Jean Pierre has considerable experience in his profession, he selects and tastes each wine. In constant contact with the winegrowers, he brilliantly masters the history, development and aging of wines.

Jean Pierre speaks quickly (very very quickly) and writes like a doctor. But what would we be without his good humor!


Pastry chef / baker

Mikael joined the Auberge team in 2011.

Since his arrival, Mikaël has transformed mornings at the Auberge into a bakery workshop! Between each batch, the succulent smells of hot bread are revealed and awaken all our senses!

Mikaël shapes his delicious bread recipes for us, he innovates and adapts to dishes for everyone’s pleasure! With nuts, cereals, chocolate, or quite simply the traditional baguette, Mikaël masters the preparation and cooking of his various creations with precision. With the choice of exceptional local flours, its bread is elegant, crispy and tasty!

Passionate about baking, Mikaël continues to improve his skills and brilliantly passes his baker’s CAP as a free candidate.

A pastry chef at heart, Mikaël also makes all of the Auberge’s desserts, adapting to the seasons and trends.

Nicknamed “MacGyver”, Mikaël’s knowledge does not end there. He has advanced skills in mechanics, plumbing, electricity and masonry! Mikaël has saved the Auberge from potential breakdown more than once!

The handyman is also the spouse of Céline Taffarello, and complements himself in the management of the company.